We inspire people to push on the boundaries of their comfort zones, discover that they grow massively through every change and challenge, and that they are better than they thought they were.

We liberate people from many of their doubts, anxieties, inhibitions and fears.

We transform people’s self-belief, confidence, and resilience.

Be Fearless Global


Be Fearless Global is our soon to be released social learning platform devoted to making self-belief and confidence contagious throughout society. The BETA release is due Autumn 2019.

Be Fearless Global is the expansion and global launch of our in-company Be Fearless platform, developed over 25 years and robustly validated and tested over the past decade in clients including IBM, PWC, University of Nottingham and others.

We are partnering with organisations who see the need to reduce stress, anxiety and inhibition in their employees. Our partners will license our Be Fearless Platform for their employees who, in turn, will make the platform available (at our cost) to their friends, families and local causes.

If you would like to know more, and find out how you can become involved early on please go to our dedicated website:

Coaching, mentoring and facilitation for critical teams & boards

Working in great teams can be exciting and fulfilling. But working in stressed teams can be very disruptive to profit, productivity, behaviour, morale, health and wellbeing. It is too costly to ignore.

Some teams have internal tensions, some tensions with other teams. And countless teams experience tensions with senior executive teams and boards.

Personality clashes, competing priorities, unclear communication, personnel changes, market stresses, changing circumstances, disruptive external change can all lead even a good team to crack at the seams.

Almost all of this can be resolved swiftly - not by tackling the symptoms with the traditional tools of management development, but by helping people reduce their stress-responses, and build stronger levels of self-belief and confidence. You will witness a myriad of typical business problems evaporate.

We have developed unique processes that inspire people to want to grow through challenge, liberate them from many of the anxieties and inhibitions that they hold, and transform behaviours almost overnight. Return on investment is tangible and swift.

Inspirational keynotes and masterclasses

Over the years Adrian Gilpin has condensed the core principles of our comprehensive Be Fearless concepts into a series of 90-minute presentations, and 4-hour & 1-day masterclasses. All are adaptable to your specific circumstances, outcomes and culture.

Adrian’s presentations are regularly voted best of conference all around the world. He is a much sought after speaker. He uses storytelling, video clips and powerful exercises to weave together his passion for what we can learn at the confluence of ancient wisdom, philosophy and contemporary psychology. Heady roots perhaps, but brought together in highly accessible, straightforward ideas that change people’s mindsets and behaviour.

Adrian presents to audiences of all types - from the leaders of business and industry, to management teams, customer facing teams, teachers’ conferences, and groups of young people at all levels of education. Adrian has taken these sessions around UK & Ireland, Europe, China, Africa, Asia, India and the Middle East; the core ideas translate globally.The concepts are completely accessible, and just as thought provoking, to all people whatever their age, experience, education, background or traditions.